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SPICES – This extraordinary balcony restaurant will never be possible for any elefant 🐘 –

but human beeings are often not better, oh that does really matter!

They behave like an elefant 🐘 on porzellan, no dresscode, no style, no smile…

I wonder why?

What would happen if


a big dragon would grab the outhanging


In 1000 years the legend will tell the story of : 1000 dead people laying all on the deep bottom of Lake Lucerne, cause they behaved like trampling elefants in the most famous restaurant.

So learn from this story for your life:

Behave like a King, Queen or a wise –

Otherwise you might die early,

like the Human pigs oh urgly, urgly.


This is the plot of the gig
that rhymes with pig.
6 amateur musicians accept an offer to play a 2-week gig
in the Catskill (mountains).
When the bass player suddenly falls ill,
they recruit a genuine pro to fill in.

…and what does rhymes with „in „? At The end?
…pro to fill in to finally begin.

pro as in professional [pruh-fesh-uh-nl]
does not stand for emotional [ih-moh-shuh-nl]
it means promotion [pruh-moh-shuh n]
with no emotion [ih-moh-shuh n]
what not yet known:
pro as in protect [pruh-tekt]
this what I mean, to finally begin.

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